Visual insights in Corona times

In Corona virus times acting fast is crucial, each delay or wrong decision may be determinant. The buzz phrase “Agile Supply Chain” has become an everyday challenge. Achieving shift responsiveness means being able to drive conclusions out of vast data in different formats. This is where visual insights come in and help translate complex processes into insightful diagrams that enable a transparent overview of the business and thus, facilitate better and faster decision making. Transforming raw data to an efficient interactive dashboard can make a difference. Take a look at some of our latest visualizations that capture topics from inventory management to higher effectiveness of promotions. EyeOn’s expertise in visual insights is there to create dashboards that outline pain points and support decision making.  For the demos and more information see detailed information here.

Click on the different graphs below to see the Corona developments per month.  

Not able to see the dashboard? Try using a different browser (Chrome is the preferred browser) or download a PDF of the dashboard here.  

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