Legacy APS tools need a boost

Many companies use planning tools that have been implemented several years ago. Models and parameters have been set at the start, but often not adapted to rapidly changing dynamics. Moreover, everybody seems to embrace advanced analytics to get grip on this evolving environment, and companies are afraid to fall behind.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor productieplanning bord

APS vendors are fuelling this fear by promoting next generation tools as thé solution. Next to the traditional APS vendors ‘new kids on the block’ are emerging, making it even more difficult to make a choice. Besides, only few companies already have a clear view on how advanced analytics could give them a competitive advantage.

The good news is that companies can buy time, while getting access to the latest advanced analytics capabilities.

They can bridge the gap to next level planning instantly, by plugging-in proven ‘systems of innovation’ into their current APS and/or ERP system. Typical analytics that can be tapped into are advanced forecasting, inventory optimization or supply chain data engineering (data mining to e.g. determine realistic lead times).

By connecting to this kind of managed services planning performance gets an instant boost. It enables planners and the organization to get acquainted with next level planning capabilities. And delivers insights to specific future planning needs, to shape their future planning landscape at their own pace.

Read the complete leaflet on www.forecastservices.com or have a look at the presentation on the EyeOn International Planning Inspiration Day 2019.

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