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By exchanging experiences and sharing best-practices on planning & forecasting topics between peers, every company benefits from the learnings. EyeOn enables knowledge sharing through hosting inspirational knowledge network events for planning & forecasting professionals in the life science industry. Discuss the latest trends and innovations in your field, exchange knowledge with the business peers and learn from the best practices during our events!

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Life science cases

Enable COVID ramp up through APS roll out

Looking at a steep ramp up of required manufacturing output the Janssen Vaccines Launch Facility saw the need for to identify and address bottlenecks, develop fast scenarios and integrate with departments and suppliers delivering key components. EyeOn conducted an APS assessment, identified the main gaps, supported the OMP configuration, the creation and testing of the required master data and go-live readiness.

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Optimizing the supply chain network

Simulation, an important part of optimization.

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Allocation planning

Coordinating Supply networks on a global scale.

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Understanding essentials with better insight and tools

Visualizing and responding to critical matter.

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Supporting with planning activities

The importance of master data in planning.

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Scrutinizing processes and systems

Shifting the mindset towards process planning enhancement.

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S&OP forecast assumptions

To address the challenges of medicine demand forecasting EyeOn created a database and input method that allows keeping track of all forecast assumption changes.

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