Getting digital, go human!

We are living in an age of astonishing progress empowered by digital technologies. This has entered our personal lives via WhatsApp, Instagram, Airbnb, Uber and Spotify. Considerable investments are made to enable the digital transformation in the planning domain, companies are taking steps towards increasing the level of automation of their planning processes. Getting digital holds the promise of efficiency of tasks that once required substantial time and human effort. It also involves improving the quality of forecasts, plans and decisions through mining large amounts of data to discover new insights that were previously inaccessible.

Advancements need to be made in data collection by building a digital twin, implementing new tools that allow for more advanced analytics, preparing your organisation and building a data driven culture.

Undeniably, analytics is changing forecasting and supply planning processes – but quite some water has to pass under the bridge before companies will get to full no-touch planning. Start with developing a vision, select a business process to work on and take it from there by running projects to explore benefits and learn data science tools that go beyond the existing planning tools, build capabilities, KPIs and data.

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