Successful international Planning Inspiration Day 2019 with over 500 experts

The 5th edition of the EyeOn international Planning Inspiration Day, PID 2019, was once again an inspiring and thought-provoking event. More than 500 participants from 250 leading companies – as well as universities and application vendors—met to share their ideas on no-touch,where humans are increasingly out of the loop. It was the big trend in forecasting and planning highlighted at EyeOn PID 2019.

The knowledge and networking festival was all about inspiring, innovating and implementing. EyeOn Senior Business Consultant Joost Rongen kicked it off noting how the Amsterdome, a future-proof, circular dome once dedicated to the aviation sector that represented new technology and horizons, was the perfect place to ‘discover together where the latest technology will bring us and what it means for us as human beings.’

Thank you all – participants, speakers, partners and planners & forecasters everywhere – for making the international Planning Inspiration Day 2019 such a success!

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