A well-functioning IBP process extends the classical demand and supply balancing by connecting it to financial planning and driving strategy implementation through leadership. We can support you by designing and implementing a fit for purpose IBP process based on your maturity. Grab new opportunities and have an agile response to the unexpected!

The journey towards S&OP excellence starts by realizing that outstanding results do not appear overnight: they require time and persistence. At the start of the journey there are several potential obstacles. Read more about the S&OP journey:

S&OP journey

Make the IBP cycle the number one business process

  • S&OP is a multi-disciplined approach to reach consensus and commitment on one Sales and Operations plan that drives the entire organization.
  • ​Goal:​ Agree on One Plan​
  • Design:​
    -Fixed cycle of meetings​ (exact set-up will differ per organization, but you can use the 5 step cycle as reference)
    -Fixed date and time of meetings​
    -Fixed set of participants​
    -Reviews by management​
    -Involvement of Executive management​

Moving from S&OP to IBP

  1. Moving from S&OP to Integrated Business Management is a journey, not a project.
  2. In getting the basics right, there is already a lot to be won for the average organization. What good looks like for the hygiene factors of designing the process around decisions and how to balance demand and supply differs per industry, but also per company and even can take different forms within the same company. There is no textbook solution.
  3. Typically, when we move beyond basic demand and supply balancing, explicitly linking volume planning to financial planning and strategy to operations we speak of Integrated Business Planning . The  30% of organizations reaching this level  have one more thing in common: the transition and resulting process is driven by Business Leaders.

Business leader driven decision making process

From strategy to action: balance demand and supply (capacity) in all horizons.

Building blocks for the S&OP journey
Peace of mind Integrated Business Management at Lamb Weston Meijer

How we can help

S&OP / IBP design and implementation
S&OP to IBP transition
S&OP / IBP benchmarking
S&OP / IBP training and coaching

For more details please see our whitepaper on integrated business management.