Our expertise

What characterizes us is our expertise in planning processes, strength in project management and organizational flexibility. We realize concrete improvements in defined planning processes to establish more efficient processes and achieve better results.

Business challenges

It's our passion to...

Increase customer service levels

We support you to achieve optimal service levels towards your market with improved decision-making processes, driving your business performance.

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Balance inventory

We assess your current performance using state-of-the art optimization models and benchmarks in times when both supply and demand are volatile.

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Reduce waste and save costs

We help you to get the most out of your assets and your scarce materials, avoiding waste and balancing market requirements, supply capabilities and restrictions.

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Raise forecast performance

We have the people, the skills, and the data science toolkit to implement and optimize your forecasting & planning processes & performance.

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Impactful improvements in practice

Market driver-based forecasting at Rockwool

The challenge in long-term forecasting is to find the relevant drivers that predict market changes and development. We developed a model that supports the company to understand the market with fact-based forecasting.

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Collaborative inventory management – CPFR

“Big Data” and Data analytics

EyeOn created an insights dashboard to help Heineken improve cooperation with their largest customers.

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End-to-end planning transparency

The best market practice for your supply chain

EyeOn is creating end to end supply chain visibility for Etos, a Dutch drugstore chain, to minimize the risk of out of stocks with the ultimate goal to best serve their customers.

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Sweet spot and responsiveness

How to finetune the replenishment parameters to have the optimum balance between availability, the avoidance of food waste, and freshness.

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This is EyeOn

  • Focused planning & forecasting specialists
  • Backgrounds in supply chain management, finance, sales & marketing
  • 500+ years experience
  • 20+ nationalities
  • Integrate consultancy, ICT and data science

We are forecasting and planning experts

We are EyeOn, innovative forecasting and planning experts working for a truly better future. Because we believe that intelligent business improvements go hand in hand with working towards a more sustainable world.

We apply proven innovations on forecasting and planning. We approach our clients’ challenges in the most pragmatic way possible. Using our extensive knowledge, we deliver valuable results and turn challenges into opportunities. This is how we develop and implement fit-for-purpose improvements with sustainable impact.

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